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MedSign International Corporation is a new, dynamic senior services company that provides innovative, feature rich health and wellness products and services that enhance the quality and longevity of life for its customers.

The Company has embarked on a mission to deliver state-of-the-art healthcare technology through it's Daily Companion™ device with personalized, easy-to-use applications and services dedicated to helping seniors live their lives at home in a safe and secure environment.

The Team at MedSign understands the importance of healthy aging and well being, of staying connected to family and friends, and the enjoyment they receive from being an active participant in the world around them.   That’s why every design incorporates simplicity in its model.   Simplicity is what makes seniors ‘want’ to use our systems.

It’s for these reasons that MedSign’s theme of being the senior’s “Daily Companion” is only enhanced by its motto of  “We don’t just  protect your health… we promote it.”

Too good to be true?  Well, it is true.  Watch for the future of home healthcare… and see for yourself.  The revolution is about to happen.