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Terence T. Herzog – DELETE

Terence T. Herzog

EVP Corporate Development and Finance

Mr. Herzog has been in the financial industry for 50+ years. From Wall Street to venture capital, Mr. Herzog has raised millions of dollars for businesses and controlled billions on global commodities and government securities markets. Mr. Herzog became a Registered Representative in 1965 and went on to become a partner in a New York Stock Exchange brokerage firm managing sales teams as well as generating new business for the investment banking department. Later, Mr. Herzog went on to start his own money management firm managing more than $12B in futures, equities and government securities markets. Mr. Herzog did a number of firsts in the financial industry including the first market maker in options on the American Stock Exchange as well as creating the first non-mortgage back-securitized debt (Carpacks). Mr. Herzog also has extensive experience in the startup world. Mr. Herzog has been an officer/director of over 30 companies across a number of industries.

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