Keeping our Veteran Heroes healthy, safe and secure
With Qortex, “They’re Never Alone”

Qortex’s innovative and trusted TV-based telehealth
system supports the VA’s mission to care for those
“who shall have borne the battle” by delivering quality
healthcare services to Veterans and their families

What Qortex can do for Veterans and the VA

  • Provide immediate access to primary or mental healthcare services without having to wait or drive long distances
  • Enable virtual visits with physicians and family members from the comfort of their home
  • Complement and enhance the current VA Telehealth program by using the Veteran’s home TV
  • Decrease Veteran and VA costs through an accountable, efficient and effective telehealth delivery system
  • Reduce fraudulent charges with built-in controls and transparent tracking features for the VA
  • Improve Veteran’s medication adherence and compliance by using on-screen video reminders
  • Provide easy-to-use, senior friendly healthcare services to technology-averse Veterans
  • Maximize suicide prevention with remote access and monitoring for those who are at risk
  • Track and record Veteran’s health history for hospitals, physicians, insurers, and even family members 24/7
  • Empower first responders and paramedics with immediate access to the Veteran’s PHR

Qortex Key Features

Multi-cast video visits on the Veteran’s TV

Qortex enables live (synchronous) videoconferencing;
a two-way audiovisual link between a Veteran, a care provider and others who are important to their healthcare

The Qortex Telehealth System

Qortex includes an easy-to-install plug and play communication hub, high-res camera and smart remote control.

Software Applications

Qortex’s open architecture enables the ability to use MedSign-designed, VA-developed, or licensed third-party applications on its platform

The Qortex Care Portal (QCP)

Integrated with the VA system, the Veteran and their physician can create and manage a Personal Health Record (PHR), schedule and display medication and healthcare reminders, monitor home caregivers with Keyhole and access the PERS in an emergency

On-TV Video and Scrolling Text Reminders

Qortex displays scheduled reminders as scrolling text during a TV show or as a full screen video to help Veterans and their caregivers remember important daily tasks and events

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

Qortex includes an advanced emergency alert system that connects dispatched paramedics real-time with the Veteran and their Personal Health Record (PHR) to help in their crisis

Thank you Veterans for Your Service

Qortex can support healthcare delivery to all
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Bureau of
Indian Affairs

Department of Health
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