Live access to your caregivers and patients

Medical and non-medical home care agencies can monitor
and interact live with their caregivers and patients using the
Qortex Caregiver Management System and Keyhole Supervision
Surveillance System via the patient’s home TV

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Elevate your home care services to a whole new level

The Qortex Telehealth System provides you direct access to your caregivers and patients in their homes

Significantly raises the level
and quality of patient care

Lowers the potential of caregiver
fraudulent claims and liability

Increases market share with technology that differentiates you from the competition

Monitoring your caregiver’s services has never been easier

What is Qortex?

Qortex is a Telehealth solution integrated with the patient’s television to provide 24/7 live direct access in the home
The system includes patent-pending management and supervision tools designed to improve services to your patients

Key Qortex Management and Supervision Tools

  • Logs caregiver’s arrival and departure times using facial recognition system
  • Monitors, records, and archives caregiver’s assigned daily tasks
  • Maintains patient’s personal health record (PHR) and caregiver journals
  • Enables real-time monitoring and surveillance of the caregiver and patient
  • Includes emergency alert notification system in the event of an emergency
  • Delivers caregiver’s end-of-shift detailed report via email on a daily basis
  • Requires caregiver’s digital sign-off acknowledging wage-an-hour compliance and non-injury workday

The fully integrated Telehealth platform

Qortex Caregiver Management System

A suite of unparalleled caregiver management tools designed to enhance your Agency’s ability to deliver quality care to patients in their home. Log in and create your patient’s profile, personal health record (PHR), and schedule reminders displayed on the patient’s own TV are just some of the unique features included with Qortex.

Qortex Caregiver Supervision System

An incredible component of the caregiver supervision system is Keyhole; an exclusive monitoring and surveillance service that enables agency management and family members discrete, real-time access to view, monitor and record the caregiver’s performance in the patient’s home at any time.

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