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Hospitals and physicians can now connect live with their patients anytime, anywhere using the
groundbreaking Qortex Telehealth System that utilizes the patient's home TV for virtual visits

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Enhance your patient’s care – help reduce early readmissions

Experience Qortex, the first TV-based Telehealth solution for hospitals and private care physicians, group practices and ACOs, that officers patients timely access to high quality care, avoids unnecessary duplication of services, prevents medical errors, reduces costs, and enables better coordination of care between provides and care settings.
Qortex can help…
Improve healthcare outcomes
without patients leaving their home
Gain patient acceptance
with easy-to-use technology
Effectively reduce early
readmissions and ER visits
Dramatically reduce Medicare penalties
Deliver better medication, nutrition and rehabilitation compliance
Greater efficiency and productivity
can increase the bottom line

Access to your patient is as easy as turning on the TV

What is Qortex?

Qortex is a Telehealth solution integrated with the patient’s television to provide 24/7 live direct access in the home.
The system includes an Internet-connected hub, camera and senior-friendly remote control to deliver an easy-to-use experience.

Qortex Key Features

  • Patients use their own TV for live Telehealth visits with their medical professionals.
  • Connects with hospital EMR using HIPAA-compliant encrypted-secure VPN.
  • Web-based scheduling program that delivers on-TV, physician-directed medical reminders.
  • Real-time vital sign monitoring, recording and archival.
  • Uses any hospital or third-party health and wellness apps.
  • Connects to any Android-based medical device.
  • Integrated with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

The fully integrated Telehealth platform

Qortex and Provider Apps

MedSign’s open architecture enables you to utilize MedSign-designed apps and as well as your licensed healthcare apps on Qortex’s platform.

Multi-Cast Video Visits on the Patient’s TV

Qortex enables medical professionals the ability to include specialists, therapists, family members or anyone important to a patient’s health.

On-TV Video and Scrolling Text Reminders

Qortex’s technology displays scheduled on-TV reminders to help both caregivers and patients remember important daily tasks and events.

Qortex Web Portal

Log on to the MedSign website and enter Qortex’s secure portal that provides you access to an incredible suite of Telehealth apps and services.

Smartphones and Tablets Connectivity

Qortex is fully integrated with Apple and Android-based smartphones and tablets enabling its system to operate on any platform anytime.

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

Every Qortex system includes an advanced PERS that allows dispatched paramedics direct access to the patient’s Personal Health Record (PHR).

Explore the Advantages of The Qortex Telehealth System Today

Experience how Qortex provides 24/7 virtual, on-demand access between healthcare professionals and their patients.

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