Remote Learning Made Easy for Millions of Students Everywhere

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the inequalities of education amongst the poor, disadvantaged and underserved communities.
Qortex Tele-ED addresses the lack of computer and internet access by offering high-quality TV-based learning experiences for ALL students.

The Qortex Tele-ED System using the Student’s Home TV

Qortex Tele-ED is the first of its kind home schooling solution that uses the student’s own TV to deliver
virtual educational services, in the comfort and safety of home without the need of a computer, laptop or tablet

How Qortex Tele-ED works

The Qortex Tele-ED digital platform virtually connects teachers in the classroom or on their computer with students studying at home in front of their TV. The Qortex System includes a hi-def camera, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a internet-based hub that enables 24/7 access to remote learning, private tutoring, as well as other educational services and apps.

The Qortex Tele-ED System can deliver the following solutions:

  • Secure login/logout 24/7 access to any educational institution’s web portal.
  • Facial Recognition System ensuring student’s I.D. and participation (optional).
  • Home television enables multi-student access at remote locations.
  • Enables third-party apps to deliver additional services such as lunch meals, supplies, physical fitness, personal tutoring, etc.
  • Potential reduction in child Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) by using their home TV instead of a small computer or smartphone screen.
  • Reduction in theft, breakage, loss, and replacement cost.
  • ‘Keyhole’ discreet monitoring service enables remote monitoring of student’s participation by teachers and family members.
  • Controlled and secure access to the internet for study-related purposes.
  • Built-in Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) in the event of an emergency at the student’s home.
  • Provides access to education in lower income, inner city and rural communities who lack computers and the internet.

Reach students at home with Qortex Tele-ED

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