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A powerful patented app designed and recommended by ER doctors, nurses, paramedics and caregivers
to keep their patients healthy, safe and secure. With Qortex Companion, they are never alone!'

A simple solution to a healthy lifestyle and peace of mind

Every Qortex system includes Qortex Companion; a multiplatform life-caring and emergency response
app that delivers critical services to promote and protect lives… anytime… anywhere… any device

What Qortex Companion does for you

Personal Health Record (PHR)
A key feature of the Qortex Companion app is the ability to create and manage a PHR; a personal profile containing medical history, allergies, medications, physician and emergency contact information, and much more.  This critical PHR is easily accessible to healthcare professionals, family members,dispatched emergency responders and receiving hospitals, 24/7.

Personal Emergency Response System
The Qortex Companion app includes an advanced user-programmable emergency contact service (PERS) that connects to a selected responder – either MedSign’s International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED), a hospital dispatch service, or 911 during a personal crisis.  PERS offers multi-cast video conferencing, enabling medical professionals and even family members to join in the virtual emergency visit.

Personal Daily Reminders
Qortex Companion’s life-caring app provides the ability to schedule and display medication and health-oriented reminders on all devices simultaneously – including the home TV, smartphone and tablet. This service also assists caregivers reminding them of important tasks and events throughout the day while caring for their patients.

Smartphones and Tablets Connectivity
Qortex Companion’s patented app is fully integrated with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets enabling it to operate on any platform, anytime, anywhere.  This feature is especially important during a medical emergency providing real-time two-way visual communication and direct access to the PHR, allowing healthcare professionals and emergency responders immediate evaluation of the crisis situation.

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