Groundbreaking Telehealth technology unites Payers and Providers

The Qortex Telehealth System bridges the gap between Payers and Providers with
advanced technologies that enriches patient engagement and improves delivery and
quality of care, all translating into better outcomes and cost reductions

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Developed for the world’s largest healthcare services

A powerful Telehealth solution that balances costs and care

What Qortex can do for Payers

  • Reduce early readmissions and ER visits with remote monitoring of post-surgical and frequent flyer patients
  • Lower treatment costs with its technology-enabled care of chronic diseases
  • Elevate medication adherence required by physician post-discharge directives
  • Substitute or supplement nurse house calls with on-TV virtual visits
  • Improve quality scores from HEDIS, CMS Star Ratings and CQMs
  • Increase members satisfaction, loyalty and trust

What Qortex can do for Providers

  • Improve health outcomes of post-surgery discharged patients using its technology-enabled care
  • Reduce potential for costly Medicare early readmission penalties and unnecessary ER visits
  • Provide better quality of care and protection of personal information essential for adoption
  • Make care delivery more patient-centric especially for those with complex conditions.
  • Enable increased collaboration and shared decision making between providers and patients
  • Enhance physician and staff productivity resulting in increased quality scores

What is Qortex?

Qortex is a leading-edge telehealth solution integrated with the patient’s television to provide live direct access in the home 24/7
The system is designed and engineered for ease of use and senior friendly.

Key Features

  • Internet-connected communication hub, camera, and remote control
  • Real-time two-way communication with patients at home via their own television
  • Facial recognition system for patient validation and security
  • On-screen scheduled medication adherence reminders to monitor and record compliancy
  • Secure web-based portal for patient profile, scheduling program and maintenance
  • Concurrent vital sign monitoring and recording of daily tasks and events
  • Connects to any digital medical diagnostic device
  • Open architecture platform supports any android-based healthcare app
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant virtual private network to any EMR

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