Improve Your Clinical Trial Compliance

Connect live with your in-home trial patients to ensure medications are taken on time
and as prescribed. Schedule, record and archive your patient’s compliance – all in front of their
own TV with ‘Keyhole™’ – Qortex’s Patient Monitoring and Surveillance System.

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Be a part of the next generation in patient home monitoring

The Qortex Keyhole system allows your CRO to monitor patients live in their home

Improves clinical outcomes
with greater patient compliance

Gains patient’s adherence
with Qortex’s easy-to-use system

Increases product speed to market
Earn billions in revenue faster

Monitor trial compliance like never before…LIVE!

What is Qortex?

Qortex is a Telehealth solution integrated with the patient’s television to provide 24/7 live direct access in the home.
The system includes an easy-to-install plug and play communication hub, high-res camera and smart remote control.

Key Features

  • Keyhole™: Our patient monitoring and surveillance system for clinical trial compliance
  • Real-time two-way communication with patients at home via their own television
  • Facial recognition system for patient validation and security
  • On-screen scheduled medication adherence reminders to monitor and record compliancy
  • Concurrent vital sign monitoring and recording of daily services
  • Connects to any Android-based digital diagnostic device
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant virtual private network to any EMR

Web-based Personal Patient Profile and Calendar Reminder System

Log in to the MedSign website and create a Personal Health Record (PHR) and Calendar Reminder app to schedule daily, weekly, and monthly hourly events that are displayed on the patient’s own television

Clinical Trial Monitoring and Surveillance System

Keyhole™ allows you to monitor live and record key events such as your clinical drug trials, changing wound bandages, and proper care giving. With patient permission, Keyhole can be turned on and off any time and monitored by a CRO, a family member or approved Pharma personnel

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